Political Scenario in India

on Thursday, May 21, 2009

No rocket science is needed to understand that come May 16 there will be no single party in majority to form the government. It is ample clear from the way the major parties (BJP and Congress) are going out of their way to please regional parties. It has become a tradition of late of breaking allies of other parties. But this election has gone one-step ahead in that too. It has become one of the ground-breaking elections where leaders of nationalist parties have come out in open to woo the the parties that have been allies of their opposition (read Congress and Janta Dal(U)).So it is really a matter of time that we all understand that coalition government is the only way forward.Now comes two major issues associated with such government. These two issues are like the two faces of a coin, seperate yet indispensable.
The coalition government is both a boon as well as bane to the country.With regional parties in the fray, one thing that is certain is that the respective regions of such parties won't be neglected as they will have a say in the government. But with it comes a disater in the making. If there is a disagreement over any issue (123 agreement), and these local parties withdraw support government will fall. Thus there will be early elections. As such there is a financial cisis in the world and an early election will lead to tumultuous circumsatnces. More burden on the average middle class through taxes and thus downturn of the economy.Though an absolute majority government is a major threat as it can lead to disguised dictatorship. Thus it can be clearly concurred that coalition government is the need of countries like India. Nothing is perfect but we have to work to make it perfect.

Was written before May 16. Just couldn't get time to publish it.


kratika said...

you are very correct!!
In a write up Mr. K Subramanyam has wittily remarked,"Long before our economic globalisation began,India was globalised in terms of political corruption and politician organised crime nexus.Therefore smuglers,narcotics barons,vice syndicates and protection rackets have become patrons of political parties.The former provides large resources to politicians and the latter ensures no legal enforcement against organised crime."