Yaar ki shaan !

on Monday, September 22, 2014

Duwaaon me insaan ko yaad karte hain
khuda ke bandon ka deedar karte hain
Hai raqueed tu mera, tujhe sajdaa karte hain

Jahaan kehta hai kar koi sajdaa
ki zameen pe nishaan to rahe
hamari shaksiyat hi kya sawaali-e-kaafir
Allah ibadat me uski hamd karta hai

Ek talqh haquiqat yeh bhi hai ki
woh is dharti par insaani taqleefein sehti hai
par dil ko yeh keh ke samjhaata un
woh na hote agar to khuda pe vishwaas mushkil tha
Aur duwaaon me to fir woh kuda ke hai.

Liverpool- Tradition, History, Vision.

on Thursday, March 28, 2013

With only 8 games remaining, it's safe to put into perspective the ongoing season of Liverpool, my beloved team. At the onset of the season, Reds had a new manager, Brendon Rodgers signed up from Swansea, the surprise package of last season. He arrived with his entourage with a vision which most Reds quickly identified with. When many said, he could easily become the first casualty of the season, he has lingered on quietly working his way through. Most were surprised as to how quicly the Kopites took to him but Rodgers had put in the yardwork for that to be achieved. All the right talk, right moves and right signings played their ample role in him becoming a hit with the fans. Here was a manager well-versed with the history of Liverpool and understood the fans as well. He knew the frustration of Reds for not winning the League for 23+ years and yet he took the challenging job for it was a duel he was willing to guts it out. Then came the master-stroke of bringing Anfield to its former glory, the fortress of Liverpool. Having struggled throughout last season to win at Anfield, Rodgers was aware of the pressure this season brought, especially at home. The white net was replaced with the team colors as went about his way in making people scared of coming at Anfield. He made all the right noises and played the right tunes, for the Kop followed the piper. Successes were followed by set-backs week-in, week-out. In manager's own words, the team, though moving in the right direction but, for every three steps in the forward direction took 2 in the reverse. No doubts, fans were frustrated at the inconsistency. But that's where us, the Reds forever came into picture. For nothing, we are called the world's best supporters. It was well-understood that the team was in a nascent satge trying to find its footing. First time in the history of Liverpool, did so many youngsters (read budding teens) made their first team debut in the same season. This proved to be a master-stroke by the manager which many still felt they were slighted by. They took to his philosophy and was easier for them to modify their game to suit his style. This in turn boosted the morale of the team for the hard-work put in Melwood every week were surfacing at Anfield delighting crowds no less. The hard work supported by the skill sets of players, supported by the world-class talent of Suarez and Scousers, Stevie G and Carragher, made sure the youngsters have their feet firmly on the ground and not become the Spice Boys (90's). The results can be seen for the style of play the team plays with is making waves in the league. The form is fantastic and team is willing to fight it out to finish the league on a high note (hoping to finish above the Blues). Hope we finish the season on a strong note and make sure the fallacies of this campaign is addressed when the league comes calling next season. Until then, Anfield stands as it alwas has: Alive, Hopeful and Calling. !! Reds Forever ! Kopite till eternity !! You'll Never Walk Alone !!!

Khoon fir Khoon hai !!!

on Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is a nazm by one of the very famous poet of Urdu, Sahir Ludhianvi who wrote it on the slain Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba, the first Prime-Minister of Congo and also a staunch anti-imperialist.
Now, Sahir sa'ab is very dear to me as he was the first poet I heard, he being my Grandpa's favourite, and my inspiration. Can write on and on lauding him but that won't serve the purpose. So here's my favourite nazm of his:

Zulm phir zulm hai, barhta hai to mit jaataa hai,
Khoon phir khoon hai, tapkega to jam jaayega.

Khaak-e-sehra pe jame yaa kaf-e-qaatil pe jame,
Farq-e-insaaf pe yaa paa-e-salaasal pe jame,
Tegh-e-bedaad pe yaa laasha-e-bismil pe jame,
Khoon phir khoon hai tapkega to jam jaayega.

Laakh baithe koi chhup chhup ke kameen gaahon mein,
Khoon khud deta hai jalaadon ke maskan ka suraagh,
Saazishein laakh uraati rahein zulmat ka naqaab,
Le ke har boond nikalti hai hatheli pe chiraagh.

Zulm kii qismat-e-nakaarah-o-rusvaa se kaho,
Jab’r kii hikmat-e-purkaar ke eema se kaho,
Mehmal-e-majlis-e-aqwaam kii laila se kaho,
Khoon diiwana hai, daaman pe lapak sakta hai,
Shola-e-tund hai, khirman pe lapak sakta hai.

Tum ne jis khoon ko maqtal mein dabaanaa chaaha,
Aaj vo kuchaa-o-bazaar mein aa nikla hai,
Kahiin shola kahiin naarah kahiin patthar ban ke,
Khoon chalta hai to rukta nahiin sangeeno se,
Sar jo uthtaa hai to dabtaa nahiin aaeeno se.

Zulm ki baat hi kya, zulm ki auqaat hi kya,
Zulm bas zulm hai, aaghaaz se anjaam talak,
Khoon phir khoon hai, so shakl badal sakta hai,
Aisi shaklein ke mitaaoo to mitaaye na bane,
Aise shole k bujhaao to bujhaaye na bane,
Aise naare k dabaao to dabaaye na bane.

For those who didn't get it, here's the translation to the best of my understanding, any error regretted.


Repression is sill repression,
Rising, it must flop,
Blood is sill blood,
Spilling it must clot.
Whether it clots on desert sands,
Or upon assassin’s hands,
On justice’s head or around shackled feet,
On injustice’s sword or on the wounded corpse,
Blood is still blood,
Spilling, it must clot.
However much one lies in ambush,
Blood betrays butcher’s hideout,
Conspiracies may veil in thousand darkly mask,
Each blood drop ventures out with burning lamp on its palm.
Tell oppression’s vain and blemished fate,
Tell cruelty’s crafty Imam,
Tell the UN Security Council,
Blood is crazy,
It can leap up to the cloak,
It is inferno, it can flare up to burn grain-stock.
The blood you sought to suppress in abattoir,
Today that blood moves out into street,
Here an ember, there a slogan, there a stone,
Once blood comes to flows,
Bayonets are no avail,
Head, once it is raised,
Is not downed by law’s hail.
What is about oppression?
What is with its impression?
Oppression is, all of it, but oppression,
From beginning to end,
Blood is still blood,
Myriad form it can assume.
Forms such as are indelible,
Embers such as are inextinguishable,
Slogans such as are irrepressible.

Beauty of Love !!!

Her beauty is beyond words,
charisma is baffling,
aura of my love is blinding.
Term seven seas needs to be amended,
your eyes have long gone unnoticed.
Eighth sound of music has been found,
she being eighth wonder shall be announced.
Had Vinci seen you,
he would have torn Lisa apart,
eulogizing you with symphonies,
is even beyond Mozart.
Your scintillating hair continue to bedazzle,
'bring you on canvas, Gogh would've struggled.

Intricacies of Friendship

on Monday, February 15, 2010

Zindagi ki rahon me akela badh chala tha,
is jivant nanv se bhav-sagar ko paar karne chala tha,
path par kuch dost bane,
aage badha to doston ke kaafile bane,
doston me jaane kab kuch hamsafar kuch parvardigar bane,

Un ke saath guzaara waqt jeevan ke haseen palon me shumar ho gaya,
main is jeevan sangya ka kayal ho gaya,
kuch aur faasla tay kiya, kuch aur apni manzil ki ore badha,
ruka, mudha aur peeche dekha to sabka saath chhot gaya,
doston ke chhootne ka dukh mujhe todta chala gaya,
manzil ki ore badhte mere kadmon me thehrav ho gaya.

Har badhta pag maano sau man ka bojh ho,
kheench raha apne lakshya se das kos door ho,
saanse tutne lagi, aankhon ke aage andhera chha gaya,
shan bhar ke liye main bhootkalin ho gaya,
us kaali andheri raat ka bhay aaj bhi jhakjhor jaata hai,
halki si awaaz bhi sharir me bhukampi kampann paida kar jata hai.

Fir kahin si aati ek ujjwal kiran dikhayi di,
us me mano khuda ki murat dikhayi di,
laga khuda ka deedar ho gaya,
jeevan ka maksad jaise safal ho gaya,
us haseen chehre ki ore main barbas khincha chala gaya,
apni aakhiri manzil ki ore jane-anjaane kadam badhata chala gaya.

Manzil se kuch faasle par fir bhram toota,
laga aise nidra ka ek jhonka aaya ho jaise,
hosh sambhala to fir vohi nazaara tha,
jeene ki chah chhod marne ko bekraar tha,
pal bhar ko socha isi shan sharir tyag doon,
par manzil ko aakhri bar dekhne ka junoon havi tha,
nazar uha kar jab lakhsya ko antim bar dekha,
bichde hue saathiyon ko wahan khada paaya.

Unse milne ki khushi sharir me ek naya sanchaar kar gayi,
khatam hoti zindagi ko behaal kar gayi,
kuch is tarah mile hum ki manzil ko paane ki khushi fiki pad gayi,
mauj-masti bhari ruhaani shaam ki shakhsiyat bhoole nahi bhoolti,
chaha jo jeevan me sab kuch paa liya,
doston ki maujoodgi me khuda ko bhoola diya.

Fallacy of love !!!

Jashn ki raat hai,
masti ka saath hai,
jawani ka josh hai,
ishq ka fitoor hai,
har taraf unka suroor hai,
madhoshi ka ye asar hai,
sangeet ka har disha me shor hai,
jaam ke nashe me sarabor hai,
fir bhi man khamosh hai,
dhoondta unki yaad har ore hai,
duniya ka ye hi dastoor hai,
rota hua mann hi hansne ko majboor hai.

Couplet !!!

Jab jab hum tumse milenge,
har ghadi gul khilenge,
aisa suhana hoga vo gulshan,
dekh jise harshit ho uthe chilman...