Bharat- Concept or Identity !!! Part 2

on Friday, November 20, 2009

This article tackles with the issue of Kashmir raised in the original post.

Kashmir, The Heaven Falls Here, is and will always be the most contentious issue in India. It is the single-handedly the biggest concern that transgresses the very core of our patriotism constantly. Agreed, that Kashmir is far from normality. There is a far greater rage boiling under the calm exterior that the government exudes.
Secessionism is a grave matter of concern. But terrorism, both internal as well as external far outstrips any danger the valley faces.
Being rank outsiders, we are not the best ones to pass judgements but having few friends and teachers hailing from the beautiful valley, their thoughts and the reality the Kashmiri's face.
These terrorists, as many proclaim, possess the right to their own fate. But it is one of the biggest understatement. If the buck was to be passed to them to decide their future, it won't be long before it'll be an out-and-out Muslim state(do we want another Gujrat or Modi for that matter). It'll soon be proclaimed a Pakistan state, (already they have half our land thanks to Uncle Sam. Will it be another 1971 ? What if tomorrow Pakistan claims Jaipur as their own, then what Delhi ?

Kashmiri Pandits living their for centuries have been chased out from their ancestral homes and the state. Who are these people to decide other's fate ? The eternal boat-market has already lost it's charm and aura and what remains is just another piece of history being thrust onto the people.

Agreed that Delhi has never been fair to Kashmir. Sitting in air-conditioned rooms, you can not decide the fate of Lal Chowk, the terrorist's hub ? It has witnessed more blood than other place in the world for so long. Insurgency is one of the biggest dampeners in this regard. Peace talks won't serve any purpose. Strong leadership and maybe high-handed manner is required at the helm. With Omar Abdullah sitting at the perch, one can be more than hopeful that the Land of Kashmir may proclaim in the times to come to have seen some historical decisions during his time. It may take time but the Kashmir has in it to reclaim its lost charm and glory.
Keep your fingers crossed.

P.S. Due to sleeplessness, freaked out mind and falling health, imprudent choice of words is highly regretted. Feel free to point out errors and leave your much respected and sought after comments.


Devika Mittal said...

i would like to inform or remind u dat j&k is divided into three regions- hindu dominated(srinagar), muslim dominated(kashmir) n buddhist(leh).n i hav said dominated..nt isolated. so m nt arguing for any division. n pakistan kaha se beech mei aa jaata hai? yaar kashmir ki baat karo... pakistan ki nahi! kashmir is nt ur battleground! say kashmir n the first thing that comes to ur mind is kargil n pakistan! i wud again stick to my point that what we need is a consensus.. the awaam shd speak out. enough of blood...enough of india n enough of pakistan... nw let ppl live!what the govt can do is to change the attitude of the kashmiris by development in the state. n ofcourse by nt tagging the secessionists as terrorists! as for us...lets just fix dis in our minds dat we the non-kashmiris are absolutely no one to decide for the fate of the valley.

Adi said...

Firstly, answer one question, how many citizens burn their National Flag and shout slogans proclaiming Kashmir to be merged in Pak ? Who is to preside over to see the fairness of the consensus ? Pak's role in Kashmir can't be denied, both in external n internal terrorism. SO it's unavoidable. Kashmir wouldn't be such a big issue if not for the terrorism there. And as for Muslim dominated Kahmir, it has witnessed fair share of blood of both Muslims and Hindus. As for awaam, democracy is there. They can vote for whoever they want to. Govt. is formed so as to take tough decisions for the benefit of the people which they themselves are unable to. And before we jump to conclusions, let's give the man at the helm, some time. Let him work for the upliftment of the society. Omar have brought a breath of fresh air at the perch and promises great things. Hope he delivers on them. Efforts can be seen as in the old hustle-bustle of Boat market for example.