I'll always be there for you.

on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

These are few lines I wrote during the most tumultuous phase of my life, somewhere around two years back. The reason that took me to writing. So here are my first few lines that I wrote:

If memory was path and tears were the lane,
I would have come to take you back again.
My voice stutters, my mind thunders,
Why you left me my heart wonders.
The reason you swamped me for I still don't know
You're the penumbra of my life, that's all I know.
Whenever you're lonely, whenevr you are sad
Just think of me, you'll find me sitting beside.
It's the least what I can do for you
Just remember, I'll always be there for you.


Anonymous said...

nice lines...must say there's a hidden poet within u

Anonymous said...

no wrds..its undefinabl-y pure!!