Legend walks into sunset !!!

on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

With the end of Nagpur test, not just ended the Australian dominance over world cricket but with it ended the career of the most loved, the most hated, the legend in contempoarary cricket, the Sourav 'Dada' Ganguly.

The original destiny guy, the man panned by critics throughout his entire career has shown the toughness one can associate only with him. The ever so majestic cover-drives, glorious square- cuts, ferocious upper cuts and then his dancing down the pitch against the spinners resulting in collosal sixes makes him one of the greatest players of One-day arena. A true legend in his own right. He has shown what it takes to succeed when the world's plotted against you.

The poster boy of comebacks showed again he has it in him to succeed at this level when most would have given up the fight, battle to be honest in saying what he fought. Never ever a six in his entire life had a meaning then the one he played at the Bull-Ring against SA against Makhaya Ntini. That six in itself stated the intent of Babu Moshai that he's here to take the fight to the opposition. He'll not budge come what may. One can go on and on eulogising the man Sourav is but his trysts with controversies is nonetheless exemplary. They are one of their kind. One thing with Dada was certain that whatever he did was dramatic in it's own way.

Dada's glory will remain forever... His legacy is just unsurmountable... His is a career that needs to be celebrated at the end and not cry upon as of Jumbo's... The astonishing highs Dada gave us the Indians are a part of cricketing folklore and are etched in the echelons of cricket...Golden era of Indian cricket is at its fag end and the future that beholds us has an unmatched legacy behind to live upto.
Thanx Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, MAHARAJ Of Cricket....

Best of luck for all your future endeavours...

We'll miss you....