Terrorism is not a Muslim domain !!!

on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's been generally percieved as the terrorists who carry out gross activities around the world are Muslims which is not so. It's not entirely a common man's fault in believing in it. The major blame has got to go to media who use the term such as Jehadis and Mujahideens and lead common man into believing in such things.
Let me clearly state one thing, Terrrorists are neither Muslims, nor Hindus et al. They do not belong to any religion. Their only GOD is Satan one might be compelled to say because a God-fearing man can't commit such horrendous crimes.
According to the extremists who propagate such theories need to be hanged. If one is to believe them, Muslims living all over the world or for the fact of the matter anybody who does not help or support them are KAFIRS and need to be gunned down. But that's just not how it works.
All the highly-respected clerics declaring FATWA's agianst these uncouth people it seems is just a political gimmick, to fulfill their vote-banks. But that's seriously not how it is. The world has long lived on hope. It's our oyster and we are responsible for making it a better place to live. So let's not be callous towards our duties while enjoying our rights.
Change is in the air and is the need of the hour. Discharge your duties gleefully and see how the world changes. Misconceptions won't exist. War will be looked at disdainfully. Humanity will rise. Just believe in yourself.


Anonymous said...

very true...bt unfortuately this thougt has creeped into d minds so deep dat it need graet efforts to take it out

Ekam said...

I hope this perception changes very soon otherwise it will be too late to think about this.

PULKIT said...

very aptly said adi!
and I also advice the readers of this blog to check out movie " Khuda k liye..." which would also change the false perception of people that muslim religion is against music! which is completely false...
well written!
always love social awareness increasing articles...

Adi said...

@ Pulkit- True bro. Also check out Dharma, an eye-opener for many a traditional extremists.