Ghajini Rox !!!

on Thursday, December 25, 2008

With the release of Ghajini, AK once again proves his mettle. Adaptation of the Tamil namesake is not really an adaptation but just that concept is same to, one of the finest movies of our times, Memento directed by Christofer Nolan.
Aamir has again shown what he's worth. An action-thriller from AK after such a long time has generated an unprallel buzz. RDB, Fanaa, TZP and now this, what's he upto ? Only Aamir could have taken such a risk and come out with flying colours.
Now coming to the movie, it's an action-thriller driven by a love story. Short-term memory loss is an area being traversed for the first time in Hindi cinema. The only thing not good, that doesn't mean bad just not best, is the action scenes. That is expected as director and most of the star-cast is from Southern Industry where it's just normal. That could be one area where AK could have worked upon.
The final word, Ghajini swamps over RNBDJ. AK's movie over SRK's movie on any given day. Even his Mangal Pandey is watchable than SRK's movies.
That is coming from a die-hard fan of Aamir "Perfectionist" Khan. A loyal to AK camp forever.