India Triumphs at Chennai

on Friday, December 19, 2008

With the victory at Chepauk, life has come full circle for the Indian Cricket. The situation was grimace all over the country before the match began. Mumbai terror attacks left a bad taste in everybody's mouth. But the win has brought a relief to many a weeping hearts and a smile to the sad faces.
The contribution of English should not be forgotten in this hour of triumph. If it hadn't been for them, the test series would have been scrapped too.
Now coming back to the match. A historic test in itself. Chennai has been a witness to many a hard-fought battles and history being made at the ground. Only the second tied test match in the annals of cricket against Kangaroos in '86 took place here. Lord hitting Warney out of the rough against the spin in '98 is now a legend. The standing ovation from some 20,000 crowd the Pakistan team got on their victory lap in '99 is still fresh in our hearts. Then the steer down the point by Turbanator to defend the final frontier and ground the Aussies is one of the finest hours of Indian Cricket. Now comes the record chase. Chennai has always been treated to one of the most rivetting cricket.
Life has come full circle for GOD himself too. After that pain-staking 136 in the final innings and still see the country, the team go down by mere 12 runs left every eye watching the game in tears. To settle the daemons, the lurking ghosts and silence the critics, who could have written a better script but the GOD himself.
Standing Ovation to Pietersen and his men.
SALUTE to THE GOD & The Game.