Men In Blue

on Friday, December 19, 2008

Written before 2003 WC

Come 'n' meet the Indian team,
a cake layered with the world's cream.
The batsmen at the top of the order,
are totally unawre of any border.
The Prince of Calcutta and the Butcher from Delhi,
Yeah ! you can never ever fill their belly.
Mongia is dazzling at three,
nothing to say about Sachin's sensational record tally.
Its impossible to halt, a ballistic gone Sehwag,
ask Mr. Pollock, about the destructive Maharaj.
Warney's dreams, had an unforeseen crack,
as a rampaging Tendulkar came running down the track.
The White Lightening, was robbed of his spark,
when an outrageous Dravid, once tore him apart.
But now poor Dravid, seems like a lost soul,
ever since he has been, asked to play the double role.
The flamboyant Yuvraj is known, for his breathtaking fielding,
Kaif at cover-point, can often be misleading.
By no means, is Ajit Agarkar an all-rounder,
its only a compromise, even with Sanjay Bangar.
Even the defences of Steve Waugh, don't find a reply,
whenever Zaheer unleashes, the block hole supply.
Spearhead Srinath, has grown in confidence,
has finally learnt to take wickets and exploit conditions.
In tandem with Bhajji, Jumbo is too hot to handle,
any batting line-up, take seconds to dismantle.
Watch out Kangaroos ! Watch out Proteas !
a new looking Indian team is out there to prove something.
So don't just dare to underrate them,
coz' in South Africa, there'll be absolute mayhem.
Let's have a bet, you won't have a clue,
if found in full flow, these MEN IN BLUE.

And boy didn't they have a time of their life.
Abhishek Gupta
Aditya Singhal


Ğєξт said...

[i]whoa whoa whoa!Blissful dat z!:) yeah..our men in blue gve nitemares to mny oders indeed..seems lyk d lyns inspird d champs smehw..hw I wish u culd ve writtn andr one 4 dem surng 2007wrld cup az wel!!:(

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