Liverpool- Tradition, History, Vision.

on Thursday, March 28, 2013

With only 8 games remaining, it's safe to put into perspective the ongoing season of Liverpool, my beloved team. At the onset of the season, Reds had a new manager, Brendon Rodgers signed up from Swansea, the surprise package of last season. He arrived with his entourage with a vision which most Reds quickly identified with. When many said, he could easily become the first casualty of the season, he has lingered on quietly working his way through. Most were surprised as to how quicly the Kopites took to him but Rodgers had put in the yardwork for that to be achieved. All the right talk, right moves and right signings played their ample role in him becoming a hit with the fans. Here was a manager well-versed with the history of Liverpool and understood the fans as well. He knew the frustration of Reds for not winning the League for 23+ years and yet he took the challenging job for it was a duel he was willing to guts it out. Then came the master-stroke of bringing Anfield to its former glory, the fortress of Liverpool. Having struggled throughout last season to win at Anfield, Rodgers was aware of the pressure this season brought, especially at home. The white net was replaced with the team colors as went about his way in making people scared of coming at Anfield. He made all the right noises and played the right tunes, for the Kop followed the piper. Successes were followed by set-backs week-in, week-out. In manager's own words, the team, though moving in the right direction but, for every three steps in the forward direction took 2 in the reverse. No doubts, fans were frustrated at the inconsistency. But that's where us, the Reds forever came into picture. For nothing, we are called the world's best supporters. It was well-understood that the team was in a nascent satge trying to find its footing. First time in the history of Liverpool, did so many youngsters (read budding teens) made their first team debut in the same season. This proved to be a master-stroke by the manager which many still felt they were slighted by. They took to his philosophy and was easier for them to modify their game to suit his style. This in turn boosted the morale of the team for the hard-work put in Melwood every week were surfacing at Anfield delighting crowds no less. The hard work supported by the skill sets of players, supported by the world-class talent of Suarez and Scousers, Stevie G and Carragher, made sure the youngsters have their feet firmly on the ground and not become the Spice Boys (90's). The results can be seen for the style of play the team plays with is making waves in the league. The form is fantastic and team is willing to fight it out to finish the league on a high note (hoping to finish above the Blues). Hope we finish the season on a strong note and make sure the fallacies of this campaign is addressed when the league comes calling next season. Until then, Anfield stands as it alwas has: Alive, Hopeful and Calling. !! Reds Forever ! Kopite till eternity !! You'll Never Walk Alone !!!